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About Us

Zeus's Friends Lost and found pet network facebook page was founded in November of 2014. Its creation was inspired by a young English mastiff named Zeus that became lost while his owners were trying to get him to the vet after a tangle with a porcupine. Zeus spent 31 days on his own and brought a community together and people from all around to aide in the search for him. He was found and rescued on December 15th 2014. The facebook page was created by Tammy Falcon to give people information on sightings of him and updates on how the search was going, Everyday people came together to help to get this sweet pup home. After 31 days he was finally captured by a team of volunteers and taken to the vet to receive much-needed vet care. Today he is a thriving and happy boy living with his family. Once he was home safe the thought was that was the end of the story but in reality, it was just the beginning of a wonderful journey, with an overwhelming response from members of the page to keep it up and use it to help get even more pets home safe. And so here we are today We are now a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that through our network and social media has happily helped more than 2500 pets get back home to their families home safe. We have expanded to help educate the public with the importance of identification on your pets if they were to ever get lost. To offer to pets injured while lost or found emergency vet care. We operate the only Pet food pantry that offers pet food and supplies to those in temporary finacial hardship so they are not faced with having to rehome their pets. We hold found pets for no less than thirty days to do everything we can to help them back home to their families. Below are some pictures of the rescue of Zeus the pup that started it all. 

zeus rescue13.jpg

Zeus the day he went missing on his way to the vet


This is the area Zeus was missing in a very huge area and very steep


Zeus being led to safety by his owner after he was rescued

zeus rescue12.jpg

An emotional moment between Zeus and Bill his original owner, taken once they arrived at the vet


Zeus with some of his rescue team it was a day everyone will remember for a very long time to come, and rescues and getting pets home safe continues today all because of this one dog proving if we all work together we can make alot of Happy endings 

zeus rescue11.jpg

Zeus resting waiting to see the vet

zeus rescue.jpg

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