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Please donate to help us, help

the pets in need.

Zeus's Friends Lost and Found Pet Network operates solely on the generous donations from the public. Without your help, we would not be able to do what we do. 100% of all funds raised are used to help pets in need. Funds are used for emergent and basic Veterinary care. Spaying and neutering of pets to help control the pet population. Training and rehab for dogs with behavioral issues to give them a second chance and a bright new future in loving homes. Providing food and supplies to foster homes to provide for the pets in their care. Helping families in temporary financial hardship with food, supplies and emergent veterinary care so they are not faced with having to rehome their pets or not be able to provide vet care in a life-saving situation. Helping feral cat colonies through TNR when able and feeding and providing shelter for those colonies. Your donation helps us help the pets in need in so many ways. No amount is too small even one dollar will add up to help us help them. Thank you for your support. 



Donations can also be sent to Zeus's Friends P.O. Box 1681 Lewiston Idaho 83501

Your donations at work

Below are just some of the pets we were able to help with the help of donations from our supporters.

Merida and her puppies came to our care when we received reports of small puppies along the road out in the area of Spalding Idaho. Upon arival, one tiny puppy was spotted and when followed led the rescuers to where more puppies were found. Conditions were horrible where the puppies were found in an abandoned shed. Gathering the puppies, rescuers came upon Merida hiding and badly wounded from two gunshot wounds in her back and side. Her puppies did all they could to protect their momma from the intruders. Merida altho very scared and hurt badly seemed to be relieved that help had arrived and allowed her rescuers to load her and her puppies up. They were all rushed to the vet for care, the puppies were all suffering from parvo and Merida with her wounds. Supporters from all over stepped forward to help this little family receive the care they needed. After a long road of recovery, her puppies were all adopted by loving families, and Merida remained with her foster family who just couldn't give her up.  


Merida so Thankful to receive help, and a picture of her many surgery drain sights. 


Merida's sweet puppies on rescue day, all have found wonderful new forever homes. 

Tharros came to our care after we received a report of a puppy being shot by her owner. Upon arrival, her rescuer found a sweet little 4-month-old puppy with a horrible wound to her lower jaw area. She was rushed to a local vet who quickly recommended that she be taken to Washington State University Veterinary hospital for care. Once there it was determined that her lower jaw was completely shattered with extensive tissue damage. She could be saved but it was going to be a long road of reconstruction surgeries and recovery. Supporters from all over stepped up to help make this happen and save this sweet puppies life. After months of healing and rehab, she made a full recovery and has been adopted by a wonderful forever family. 


Tharros the day she was rescued on her way to the hospital


Tharros after her first surgery,


Tharros today, she has recovered completely and has been adopted by a loving family and forever home. 

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