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Our Mission

Zeus's Friends Lost and Found Pet Network's first priority is reuniting lost or found pets with their families. We do this through ads on social media, newspapers, networking with other organizations and more. We hold pets for no less than 30 days to do everything possible to get them back home before they are offered for adoption. 

To help families of pets during times of temporary financial hardship. We help with pet food and supplies through our pet food pantry, so they are not faced with having to rehome their pets, 

Offer save haven rescue to at-risk pets that otherwise would have nowhere else to go. Such as pets with behavioral issues, Pit Bulls and other bully breeds, Offering to these pets training and other needs for rehabilitation so they can have a second chance and be adopted into new loving homes.  

Offer safe haven rescue to senior pets and provide any medical treatment needed to help them be placed in new loving homes to live out their remaining days healthy and happy. 

Offer emergency veterinary care to pets found injured or ill. To do all we can for the pet to save its life while in our care. Offer when able, life-saving emergency veterinary care to individuals who may be experiencing temporary financial hardship and are unable to provide that lifesaving veterinary care. 

To educate the public about the importance of microchipping their pets, spaying, and neutering of pets, and offer clinics when able. Offer education on pet care and housing. Offer welfare checks and assistance to prevent possible animal abuse and neglect or contact the proper authorities to help with a situation when needed. 

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